InMobi launches new ad format that lets users demo mobile games

Mobile advertising company InMobi has announced a range of new ad formats designed for mobile games, including a new interactive ad format that lets users test out new titles, along with new interstitials, video ads and ‘Reward Ads.’
InMobi’s ‘Playable Ads,’ which are developed in partnership with start-up Voxel,  is certainly the most interesting of the four formats. We’ve seen interactive, mini-game, mobile ads in the past but very few ad companies have tried to offer actual game demos via this format. In fact, due to the freemium nature of many mobile games, demos have played an almost non-existent role in mobile game distribution, as opposed to the console and PC space. The adoption of playable ads by a bigger ad network, such as InMobi, definitely has the ability to shake things-up and provide a big boost to developers.
InMobi’s Playable Ads
playable ad
It will be interesting to see how the playable units work in practice though and there is a delicate balance to strike between giving users a decent insight into the advertised game, while not disrupting their current experience and affecting the engagement of the publisher. According to InMobi the gameplay will only last between 20 to 40 seconds.
InMobi is also heading down the incentivised ad route with its Reward Ads product. The format lets users earn virtual currency for specific actions such as watching a video ad or downloading another app. Incentivised download ads offered by the likes of TapJoy faced alot of criticism in the past and were promptly banned by Apple, while incentivised video ads were also recently banned from iOS. It will be interesting to see how long they last on Android.
InMobi’s new gamer focus goes beyond its new spread of ad units. The company has also announced a new $25 million fund for indie game developers. The fund will help provide advisory services, such as monetisation, ad creation, and scaling, to developers who sign-up through 2014.
InMobi’s VP of products Piyush Shah said:

“InMobi is focused on enabling indie developers scale globally. With a dedicated program like InMobi Monetization Solution for Games we are reiterating our commitment to this community. We expect this program will help us partner with some of the most innovative minds in the gaming world to further push the envelope on their ad experiences.”

Sounds good to us. For more information on InMobi’s new gaming-focused products and to sign-up for the indie dev fund head over to the website.

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