InMobi Launches Apponomics eBook Featuring mobyaffiliates

InMobi has announced the impending release of its first eBook, the snappily-titled ‘Apponomics – The Insider’s guide to a Billion Dollar App Business,’ which promises to help developers turn their apps into a “successful and sustainable” money-making business.
The free eBook, which happens to feature content from mobyaffilliates, goes in-depth and covers the core areas of app promotion and monetisation, including:
· How to acquire high quality users at global scale
· Best practices for app monetization and revenue optimization
· Maximizing customer lifetime value through customer segmentation and targeted campaign management
· How to make an app successful in global markets, including China
· Advanced mobile marketing techniques leveraging big data
MobileGroove founder, Peggy Anne Salz, co-authored the eBook and here’s what she had to say:

“From social media marketing tips and tricks, to the essentials of mobile advertising, including advice on how to acquire — and engage — high quality users, to smart strategies to crack high-growth markets in Asia, this book equips app developers to drive big results on a small budget. But there’s nothing small about the level of growth and innovation we can expect as millions of mobile apps, billions of users and trillions of sensors add up to produce countless opportunities for developers.”

Sounds pretty good to us, and we’re glad to have contributed. With the rise of unique app economies in emerging markets, the growth of connected TVs, and the prospect of wearables around the corner, the app industry shows no signs of slowing down, nor becoming any less of a challenge to navigate. So the more educational materials out there for developers to get stuck into, the better.
You can pre-order InMobi’s book right here. It’s free but it won’t be emailed out until Mobile World Congress kicks off on February 24.

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