Influencers on TikTok could earn up to $1 million per post

Anne Freer | February 24, 2020


TikTok grew rapidly in 2019 and that’s not just evident in the number of downloads and daily users. Now, new research suggests that social media influencers could make up to $1 million per post in 2021 using short-video app.

According to Online Casinos, the app has grown so rapidly that social influencers may be able to generate some serious cash.

Popular TikTok users already make around $200,000 per post by posting sponsored videos.

The most popular TikTok influencer is Loren Gray who has 35 million followers and makes an estimated $175,000 per post.

The research suggests that influencers could charge $0.005 per follower for each sponsored post. Given that videos only last 15 to 60 seconds, it makes them some of the fastest top earners globally.

James Whatley, a strategy partner at Digital UK – the marketing agency – told The Guardian that brands were increasingly shifting spending to social media platforms.

“I can actually believe those numbers if you look at how much money has been thrown at Instagram,” he said. “[TikTok] is the hot new thing and tonnes of money is being thrown at it. The fastest way to get traction on TikTok is to get the number-one influencer to promote your stuff. Just this week TikTok and [computer game] Fortnite announced a partnership deal with a competition for a TikTok dance to be recreated on Fortnite.”

Because content on TikTok is fairly light-hearted and it’s all about engaging users to take part in challenges, branded content may appear even more organic across the site.

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