INCRMNTAL receives $1.4 million in funding to boost incremental measurement of app campaigns

INCRMNTAL, a start-up that’s already been working with the likes of Jam City to measure the impact of mobile ad spend, just received $1.4 million in pre-seed funding.

Among its investors are toDay Ventures and the Mobile Dev Memo Investment Syndicate.

The start-up addressed the problem of wasted advertising spend.

In light of Apple deprecating IDFA, value measurement has become an even bigger problem to address.

INCRMNTAL wants to solve that problem by eliminating the bias of software to test incremental value of ad spending on campaign and vendor performance.

The company is rolling out an incrementality measurement platform that lets advertisers discover the causality of their marketing activities.

It identifies the incremental value of creatives, campaigns and traffic vendors.

Incrementality is essentially the measurement of ad spend lift against conversion rate.

“INCRMNTAL works as a self service platform, where integration happens with no coding by connecting marketing data directly, or by streaming it from mobile measurement solutions or solutions such as SKAdnetwork,” the company writes.

As a concept, it appears to be beneficial over last-touch attribution because it doesn’t rely on individual identifiers. That’s also why it’s a better option to address Apple’s iOS 14 changes.

“These factors made ‘deterministic’ attribution impossible on mobile,” said Eric Seufert, who created the Mobile Dev Memo Investment Syndicate which invested in INCRMNTAL. “Incrementality measurement has become more popular as a means of assessing the underlying value of spend across channels – [and] all of this will be compounded by the deprecation of the IDFA.”

The platform works by taking data via an API through mobile measurements partners including Adjust, AppsFlyer, Kochava, Singular and Apple’s SKAdNetwork. It uses artificial intelligence to let mobile apps run incrementality tests.

Jam City is among the first to work with the new platform.

“The market will adapt,” said Viktor Romanov, associate director of user acquisition at Jam City. “I see incrementality measurement becoming an integral part of every marketing team’s toolkit.”

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