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Partner Post - MobFox – The Open Mobile Advertising Platform

Posted: May 17, 2016

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Noam Neumann is Head of Mobile Strategy at Matomy Media Group.

If you are working with several SSPs or exchanges today to monetize your mobile app or site’s traffic, you already know what a labor-intensive effort that can be. You (or someone on your team) have to manually optimize all demand sources, allocate traffic to each source based on demographics, countries, time of the day, types of ads, placement, and so on. And what happens if you have multiple apps? 3 apps, 20 apps? It’s a hassle, to say the least, and there’s also plenty of room for human error.
But all this is a problem of the past. Automation has kicked into high gear and is helping publishers manage their traffic more easily. For example, MobFox’s new Autopilot is an auto-optimization tool that streamlines the entire process. App publishers can now automatically update and optimize any campaign on all of their ad networks and demand partners.

Generate More Revenue by Using Smarter Technology

When it comes to mediation, publishers have their choice of ad networks and exchanges. But what about automation? The benefits of automation are clear: save time, ensure better results for campaigns, and in turn generate more revenue. But how does it work? In the case of Autopilot, essentially a smart algorithm accesses and analyzes reports, optimizes campaigns, and then automatically reallocates traffic based on its analysis. Once activated, Autopilot chooses the best demand source for each ad placement in real time, and it continues to learn and adjust its actions to make the most revenue possible for you, the publisher.

Automating Mediation

Why is this a game-changer? Automation helps publishers reduce time they’d typically invest in optimizing their ad formats and demand sources – a task which has previously been done manually. Many publishers work with multiple demand sources and SSPs, which requires continuous optimization throughout the day in order to achieve the best results. You have to determine which demand source to prioritize, fill rates (# of ads delivered/# of ad requests), and eventually CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions). But now you have the option to use a mediation tool to do all of that for you.
Additionally, many businesses would be thrilled to earn more revenue from their sites and apps, but they simply don’t have the time to focus on it. When you already have a business, monetizing your website, albeit a wonderful added bonus, comes secondary to running that business. The beauty of automation tools like Autopilot is that it enables a smooth flight to your destination without you having to constantly check the plane’s controls. So you can use that time to run your business while earning even more revenue with ads.

Giving Preference to Publishers’ Needs

Now there are a few mediation tools out there, but what makes Autopilot (and MobFox) unique is that it puts their publishers’ best interests and revenue potential first by using the auction core. In other words, MobFox doesn’t give preferential prioritization for their own media solution, whereas others might. They’re partnered with all of the main SSPs and mediation solutions, so when you use Autopilot, you won’t lose any existing demand partners. Want to take it for a test flight? Click here to get started with Autopilot.
Originally posted on the Matomy blog here.

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