Hypercasual gaming apps reach ATT opt-in rates of 44%

Anne Freer | July 6, 2023

App Marketing

According to recent findings by analytics firm Adjust, the opt-in rates for Apple’s App Tracking Transparency (ATT) feature have grown significantly, reaching an impressive 37%. Among various gaming genres, hypercasual games topped the list with an opt-in rate of 44%.

Gaming apps have the highest opt-in

Apple’s ATT initiative aims to empower users by providing privacy controls and making it necessary for individuals to actively choose to allow data tracking through apps, instead of having to opt out.

Analysing the opt-in rates on Apple platforms, Adjust’s research reveals that gaming apps have the highest opt-in rate compared to other app categories.

Gaming apps have the highest opt-in rates

Source: Adjust

The second-highest opt-in rate belongs to the food and drink category, with 36%, while the lowest opt-in rate is observed in the education category, at just 7%. This lower rate in education apps can be attributed to stricter guidelines regarding the collection of data from younger users.

With hypercasuals leading the pack

Hypercasual games had the highest opt-in rate at 44%, followed closely by sports and racing games at 44% and 40% respectively.

Hybridcasual games were not far behind, with an opt-in rate of 39%.

Hypercasuals have the highest opt-in rates

Source: Adjust

On the other hand, family and education games had the lowest opt-in rates, standing at 2% and 4% respectively, primarily due to compliance requirements.

According to Adjust, the higher opt-in rate for hypercasual games can be attributed to the fact that their user base is more aware of the benefits of targeted advertising, particularly in finding their next gaming title.

To improve opt-in rates for ATT, Adjust suggests experimenting with cross-promotion. Interestingly, the opt-in rate for hypercasual game installations from cross-promotion jumps significantly to an impressive 59%.

Using ATT as part of your campaign

Incorporating ATT into your app marketing campaign can yield promising results, as indicated by the rising opt-in rates. As seen in the data hypercasual games have the potential to boost their ATT opt-in rates by offering tangible benefits to users, such as targeted advertising that helps them discover their next gaming experience.

ATT opt-in status

Source: Adjust

Focusing on demographics that prioritise security and have a deeper understanding of data collection purposes can contribute to higher opt-in rates.

To maximise the effectiveness of your campaign, it’s crucial to enhance the onboarding experience and optimise UX.

While investments in measurement and attribution tools like Apple’s SkAdNetwork have shown positive outcomes, obtaining consent for first-party data will consistently deliver more accurate attribution.

Key takeaways

  • Gaming apps, including hypercasual games, saw impressive opt-in rates due to targeted advertising and user awareness, with rates as high as 44%
  • Cross-promotion experiments can result in a significant surge in opt-in rates, reaching a remarkable 59% for hypercasual game installations
  • Leveraging Apple’s ATT in your campaign enables precise attribution with first-party data, catering to security-conscious demographics and optimizing the onboarding experience
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