Hyper-personalization spikes app conversions by up to 250%

Anne Freer | March 30, 2022

App Business

Brands that utilise hyper-personalization approaches are driving conversion rates as much as 250% compared to one-size-fits all campaigns, according to new data from CleverTap.

Based on an analysis of 140 million devices and 121 million unique users, the report finds that just 19% of app users stay engaged in the first month after downloading an app. 

Churn is worst around the two-week mark when 86% of new users stop using an app. 

CleverTap recommends focusing on promotions to encourage new users to make purchases and reduce uninstall rates by 10% during the first week. 

What’s more, an automated onboarding journey could increase user login rates by as much as 53%. 

The study also found that only 15% of consumers converted from onboarding to engagement. That’s because brands aren’t yet boosting conversions though they could achieve a 10-35% rise in conversions for dormant segments. 

Just 8% of consumers are making the majority of repeat purchases, accounting for 40% of sales.

At the same time, 75% of customers prefer brands that offer loyalty incentives. 

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