Hyper-casual games can win up to $300k with App Annie challenge

Anne Freer | August 23, 2021

App Business

App Annie launched a challenge for developers of hyper-casual games that lets them win a minimum of $300,000 and a 60-day free trial of App Annie Intelligence.

The challenge is being co-hosted by CrazyLabs which will offer developers the opportunity to trial and monitor their games through the CLIK Dashboard.

The first game published will receive a minimum offer of $300,000 and a guarantee of $200,000 for every other game published. Several cash prizes are also up for grabs.

“Hyper-casual games downloads grew 15% year over year in H1 2021 and are continuing to be incredibly popular – dominating the top games charts,” said Junde Yu, GM of Gaming, App Annie. “As consumers continue to discover mobile games via this rapidly growing and evolving genre, it can be difficult for game designers and publishers to analyse and determine what features, mechanics and monetization strategies are gaining market traction. Our Game IQ tool greatly simplifies this analysis because we enable our customers to easily compare genres and subgenres. Now, it’s easy to see what makes hit games unique, and respond accordingly!”

Studios can enter as many games as they like.

The first 40 studios to pass the CrazyLabs’ CPI test will win 60 days free usage of App Annie Standard Intelligence and Game IQ.

And all entrants are getting access to a 60-day free trial of App Annie’s intelligence platform.

“Developing #1 hyper-casual games means not only being able to detect hot trends and come up with innovative ideas – it’s also heavily influenced by data and experience, knowing where to focus your efforts and how to make your game more playable than the rest,” said Omri Henkin, VP Publishing & Business Development at CrazyLabs. “As publishers we aim to provide our studios with all the data and tools they need in order to develop a future hit, and we’re proud to join forces with App Annie and offer them a detailed overview of the hyper-casual market.”

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