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James Cooper | February 15, 2012


MobPartner Insights #2 – How to Split-Test Mobile Offers
This post is part of the MobPartner Insights series written by Morgan Coudray
 This is the second post in our series of guest posts. The first one was about Mobile Traffic Sources

  • Split-testing  is the science behind the art of media buying. Split testing is a very structured approach to finding profitable niches for a campaign. In order to do so, you need to choose the criteria to start split-testing; this is up to your discretion. Here is a non-exhaustive list of criteria that you can test: carriers, creatives, platform, device, traffic sources and content categories.
  • In practice, split-testing happens in steps / sequences: one typically split-tests one criteria at a time.
  • First, identify all relevant targeting for the campaign. Make sure to keep it relatively broad and always cross check the targeting with the campaign’s restrictions.
  • From there,  you should launch 2-5 campaigns keeping all targeting constant except for the targeting criteria that you chose to base the test on.
  • Make sure to differentiate each campaign with a subid. At Mobpartner,  affiliates append &subid=ANYTING parameter to their target URL for this purpose.
  • Tips: For more experienced media buyers, the use of dynamic parameters provided by adnetworks can help you speed up the split-testing process. Depending on the adnetwork those parameters can help you identify device, carrier, creatives  and content from which each click was derived.

Our next post will be about dealing with end user fatigue and how to prevent it. Thanks for reading through.
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