How To Reduce Mobile App Development Costs

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Posted: October 24, 2017

Can you still get a great mobile app with limited funds? Let’s find out.

Mobile app development is an advantageous addition to your business in today’s competitive business world. Mobile apps can help you run business successfully by attracting new customers and retaining existing customers. Customized mobile app plays an important role as they make life much easier by handing the daily activities easily. However, one should know that mobile app development is incurred with lot of expenditure, and it is important to reduce software development cost.

A lot of entrepreneurs are trying to figure out how to reduce the cost of mobile app development without scarifying the quality of product. There are not too many options available — as it takes lot of time, skills and money to develop high quality mobile app.

The cost of mobile app development depends on a number of factors such as – features, platform, targeted users etc. Companies always try various methods to reduce the cost of app development. Cost cutting does not mean that companies compromise on UX design or remove additional features. It is all about developing robust mobile app by choosing the right method and strategy.

In this post, I will help you understand how to reduce mobile app development cost and reap the benefits of app development. Go through the step-by-step approach given below to reduce overall cost of mobile app development.

Step 1 – Note down the requirements

The cost of mobile app development depends on the number of features you want in your app. The costs will be higher, if your requirements are more. Make sure to have a clear idea of how you want the app to be and understand what features you need in your mobile app. You can note down the list of must-have features in app and prepare a document for it. It will help the developers understand the requirements clearly without any confusion.

You can choose the platform based on the requirements. Have a research on similar apps to prioritize things and work on items that should come first. You can even visualize a prototype — which is going to be your final product.

Step 2 –Choose the right firm or agency

When it comes to save cost on mobile app development, you should consider outsourcing the work to a development agency.  Mobile app development agencies offer variety of services. The main advantage of outsourcing the work is you will be charged for documented work hours only, which is very less compared to in-house app development.

If you think you are spending more by outsourcing app development, you should compare it with the cost of in-house app development. You will have to bear a lot of expenses like electricity bills, internet bills and utilities, besides paying monthly salary to the employees.

Outsourcing mobile app development to right agency will give you opportunity to explore developers around the world, regardless of the location.

Step 3 –Choose templates with built-in features

Instead of developing an app from scratch, you should try building an app with pre-built templates. There are many app development service providers who offer such solutions at a very nominal price. All you need to do is choose the template and modify it as per your requirements.

Some of the UI features can be implemented by using built-in templates. You can customize those templates as per your requirement. Remember that integrating a lot of services into an app may cause problems such as – bad scalability or instability. You should be wise enough to choose the built-in features. Working with an experienced team of app developers will help you use in-built features within reasonable limits.

For example – if you want to create push notification functionality, you can opt for a third party plug-in such as Puship. But, you should make sure to use third party plug-ins carefully — as the possibility of app instability can be affected by using wrong templates.

Step 4 – Choose cross platform app development

There are a number of benefits of developing native apps. However, developing app for multiple platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows separately will increase the app development cost. To reduce this expenditure — you can choose cross platform app development, where the apps can be accessed seamlessly through the internet.

Hire an agency or developer with expertise in cross platform tools. The apps developed on cross platform can be accessed and updated easily, which will save the app development cost and effort. Moreover, you can ensure that users access the latest version of app.

Cross-platform app development is the best option, when it comes to reduce cost. However, it is very complicated and doesn’t need hardware integration.

Step 5 –Build minimum viable product (MVP)

To build a quality app, you should first build minimum viable product (MVP) – which is nothing but prototype of your desired app. The MVP has all the important features and functionalities along with the design. It allows you to test app with real users to see their engagement and response. You can add the advanced features at later stages, once you gain confidence over the app.

Building a minimum viable product not only saves your time, but saves a lot on rebuilding cost — if any bug arises. This will protect our app from potential pitfalls at initial stage of app development. Check the results yourself and communicate with the developers regularly.

Step 6 – Monitor the app development regularly

You can reduce the overall cost of app development by invigilating the project regularly and communicating with the development team. Most often, the developer team may make multiple mistakes or ignore some important points. Test the app at different stages to avoid pitfalls.

There may be a slight deviation from the main objective, which you can approve or reject at the initial stage itself by monitoring regularly. It is easier to address and rectify those issues while they are fresh, rather than fixing them after releasing the app. The sooner you identify a bug or issue, the easier it is to fix.


The cost of developing mobile app can be reduced to a great extent by following the right approach. Following the above steps of app development will help you launch the first app without spending much. You can cut down app development cost in a number of ways with simple things such as – MVP, understanding technical requirements, choosing built-in solutions and cross-platform development. Make sure to optimize the app efficiency and get it fully tested from the day-1.

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