How To Get Started With Dating Affiliate Marketing Niche: Best Practices

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Posted: May 18, 2017

Some said dating is dead and there are no money anymore. But what if they just don’t know how to cook this dish? What if I tell you that dating is one of the huge markets, with lots of scope and opportunity to earn.
But how do you enter the dating market as an affiliate? Is there enough money to bother? Is it really as simple as putting up some dating banners on your website?
So I’m going to reveal all steps I have taken in creating profitable campaigns in this space.

Choosing dating offers

Some network have their own dating products, like Cpamatica does. It is a really good way to work, cause you will have unique conditions, and fast response for offers like Spdate, Kismia, Hitwe, VictoriaBrides.
Other way would be – research, research, research. At first, go to main dating sites in the country you are interested in and take a look what ads are placed there and what offers they are promoting. Select a couple of offers with the same target audience and try to find them in Offervault, paying attention to the type of traffic (mobile/desk, SOI/DOI etc.), GEO, payouts and networks that work with it.
But according to my experience, the better way to go would be to work with a mature dating niche, ’cause the majority of dating audience are male after their 30’s.

Where to find dating traffic

You should look at various dating sites, forums, blogs about relationships. A lot of traffic you can find on Exoclick, Traffic Stars, Traffic Junky, Reporo, if you know how to use them right. Those sources have adult traffic offers listed, and these offers are generally good at yielding nice results for you.
The steps to follow are pretty simple:

  1. Choose the Ad Zone (top banner, side banner, footer etc.). You better begin with Mobile (300×250) or Desktop (315×300) zones – those are the most popular formats.
  2. Review a list of website provided that are suitable for your targeting.  Mobile bottom means the same as footer and your banner will appear in the bottom of the site.
  3. Pick the top 50 websites which offers you’ll be promoting, based on their Alexa rank. In a theory, the smaller ones can be good, but if you are not sure in their audience profit yielding potential, most likely you will just waste your money with them with no profit in return.

Now, you have another option to run an advertising campaign for a wide range of websites, when you can’t choose specific sites (Run of Network or RON). But you need to realize that here you will also have 80% of your traffic from top websites.

CPS or CPA model?

Definitely CPA. You can’t be responsible for the whole sales funnel in dating. On traffic sources you buy only impressions. And in case of the CPS model you depend on the quality of the product.
CPS could be a great option when you already know the advertiser’s flow, their ability to monetize there users and they DO like the quality of your traffic.

What to use: Direct Link or Landing Page?

In 99% of cases Landing pages are the must.
Direct link don’t motivate user to go further and subscribe/register. They just lead you to a register form and that’s it. Landing pages are much more efficient. You can make a small survey for a user or just intrigue him with tricky questions that will make him sure that he needs to register there. Yes, creating pages takes some time, but it’s worth it.

How to create a landing page?

The common practice among advertisers to include landing pages into their offers description for the network. Usually there are few variants of them, so you are free to choose. In most cases these landings were tested on efficiency and work good. For instance, here is the example of our Spdate and Kismia top converting landing pages:
Don’t hesitate to copy from other advertisers. Spy the landing that you saw on traffic sources, pick a couple of them and replace the tracking code to your own.
Of course you can draw your own, if you have a designer on stuff. Just don’t clutter it with information but make it catchy to grab an attention. For dating offers, a picture of a girl will easily attract users. Add a headline and a small text to that picture, add a call-to-action button and play with different styles.
Few tricks:

  1. The language of the landing page must be the same language of the country you target for.
  2. The colour of the call-to-action button must contrast with the color of the page.
  3. Moving a button or picture around 10-15 pixels can really make a difference.
  4. Factor in your target audience tastes.

Mobile Affiliate Networks

See all mobile affiliate networks to find the best fit for your business.

How to avoid losses caused by bad targeting?

Once you started a campaign, make sure to check the stats. If your ad campaigns generate, for example, 3$ per an advertiser lead and you see that a conversion on the source costs you $5, turn off this particular source. The less you pay for a lead, the more money you will make.  Keep your tabs on the stats and optimize your campaign along the way. The key point is to find the golden pack “banner-landing-offers” that will work for a particular source.

When and how to scale?

Once you find the perfect banner-landing-offer pack, you see it works well, it’s time to make more money, using the info you’ve got. If you have ran out of caps, find this offer in other network and start another campaign.
If you offer allows to add other countries, do so, but carefully. The best way is to add countries with close or the same mentality or culture. Remember, that different countries of different traffic sources can bring you different results.


These are basic steps to enter the dating niche smart. 80% of your success depends on a particular offer. If particular source doesn’t generate sufficient revenue, it can still make money with others. The same approach applies to working with multiple countries. Don’t try to start with launching a campaign for Tier-1 geo locations, having very limited experience with the adult affiliate marketing niche space. It is too competitive, regulated and saturated. The audience there have been exposed to the variety of adult content ads and its hard to convert them. Teir-2 and 3 are still developing and its a hot spot, despite the fact that payouts are lower.
Anyway, learn and get your own experience. Don’t limit your opportunities and get the most of what you have. Good luck!

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