How to choose the best CPI Mobile Demand Side Platform

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Posted: July 4, 2018

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It is no secret to anyone that applying for special services such as, for instance, AppBooster is the best way to acquire mobile app users. To purchase mobile traffic quickly and more effectively digital marketing participants use programmatic buying. This automation system of ad trading is extremely convenient. It helps to save time and money, provides a wide range of quality resources to get target audience.

Briefly about CPI Mobile Demand Side Platform

There are two main services in ad tech—SSP (Supply Side Platform) for publishers and DSP (Demand Side Platform) for advertisers. These are kinds of software that help to find ad inventory and place promotional material in accordance with users’ demands and requirements. SSP advertising instrumentation works on the basis of real-time bidding. This is a sort of auction where app developers and publishers can bet on the advertisements (the highest bid wins). Computer network immediately connects buyers and sellers. You can find more information on this theme in one of our previous articles.

DSP marketing agencies offer vendors various pricing models. If we talk about mobile app advertising, better to focus on Cost per Install scheme (CPI). This pattern allows business owners to measure the effectiveness of an ad campaign, spend marketing budget wisely. Using CPI system marketers pay only for app installs. There is no need to waste money on accidental clicks or impressions that can be effective mostly for brand awareness.

Top Mobile Demand Side Platforms

The full list of DSPs for mobile app promotion you can find on Mobyaffiliates. There is one more useful resource for searching demand side platforms that work with CPI model—Thalamus.

We’ll briefly survey some of these companies.


This is the leader in the mobile advertising world. The platform offers various targeting options, including GEO, behavior, time of day. It also includes a wide range of app categories (mobile games, music, sports, etc.)

Media Math

It is the first agency to offer DSP service for digital marketers. The company was founded in the USA in 2007. This platform provides access to multiple ad channels, such as video, audio, native, and social ones.

Fiksu DSP

This is a large company. It has several subsidiaries that work in close connection. The platform can boast of a very extensive database, premium ad inventory, and accurate targeting. It’ s a great solution for your mobile app revenue growth.


This company allows advertisers to reach customers from over than 230 countries. The platform provides sophisticated reporting services, operates on a cost-per-install basis, and connects buyers with the best publishers all over the world.

Other companies included in this list are Targetoo, Appreciate, Adelphic, Go2Mobi, Gimbаl. They offer precise targeting opportunities, multiple ad formats, and strong fraud prevention options.

Final Words

And finally several recommendations. What should you take into account when choosing a CPI Mobile DSP? Pay attention to the following factors:

  • access to ad inventory, the range of reliable sources;
  • targeting opportunities (location, mobile devices, user’s behavior);
  • availability of brand safety functions;
  • optimization and getting reports to track your campaign.

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