How Can you Generate a Unique App Idea?

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Posted: June 4, 2018

Creating an app is not as easy as it sounds. Every step has its own obstacles and it takes a long time to proceed. However, amongst everything, the most back-breaking step is the initiation. This is where you develop an app idea and set yourself to move ahead. Now, that idea can be anything & everything. Which is why you should not shy away from exploring every facet in the domain of apps.

However, with millions of apps already existing in the market, it is very difficult to get an idea that someone else has not. In this blog, you will find a list of steps that you can follow, or at least refer so that you can generate a unique idea for your app.

Making your App Idea Different than Others

Breaking through the clutter is not an easy task, especially in the world of mobile app development. The first thing you need to keep in mind is don’t resist from exploring every available option. Try to go as out of the box as you can in choosing your measures.

Other than that, following are some steps you can follow to make sure you end up generating a unique idea for your app. 

Don’t restrict yourself on the first stage

The first mistake that mostly occurs is that mobile app developers restrict themselves on the first stage itself, i.e. where you set a budget. Good ideas need space, so don’t make the money factor a constraint. 

While you are coming up with an idea, don’t fret about whether it would generate a million dollars or not. Your first thought should always be to gather as many users as you can. You can only do that if you have a great idea in your mind. If your concept is great, money will flow automatically.

Refer your competition

As an app developer, you obviously need to decide the features that would be incorporated into your app. This is where research and analysis plays a key role.

Once you have decided the features for your app, you must refer to the competitors’ apps as well. Doing that will give you a notion about whether the idea you have is actually original, or it has already been used by someone else. 

Focus on User-oriented apps

We have more than a million apps existing the market today. With such a high level of competition, it is almost a dream to become the first choice of the users. 

This is why the main focus of the app developers should be to build apps that are customer-oriented. To begin with, understand the requirements of your target audience, and try building apps that fulfill those requirements. You can also build apps that generate a user experience, like an app that turns the smartphone into a flashlight, or a scanner. 

Apps like these bring convenience to the users, and that is the most prominent thing that they look for today. This is the main reason why it is great to lay your focus in this area.

Features hold the primary significance

In the end, the features are the most important for any app. That is what would distinguish your app from the others. Amongst everything, cater your priorities towards inputting features in your app that would enhance your users’ experience. The features of an app are the deciding elements of whether or not your app would be successful.

Research a lot

Sometimes, it is not necessary to base your idea on something entirely creative and exceptional. It can also be something as basic as a solution to your daily life problems!
Apps are designed to enhance the convenience of the users. Keeping that in mind, try coming up with an idea that solves the daily life problems of the users.

Do a proper in-depth research, and find if there are any apps made in the niche where you are looking. If there are not, there you go, you have your unique idea!

Social Media Platforms are the future

Understanding what people require is a very complex task, given how diverse the mindset of people can be. But courtesy to the era we live in, social media solves that problem! Social media platforms are mostly used by users to share their thoughts and views.

By doing a proper research of your audience on social media, you can get to know the likes and dislikes of users and can generate your idea from that!

The future is the next big thing

Why are some start-ups like Facebook ruling the market globally today? That is because they brought the future in the present.
Think of bringing in innovations that no one else has thought of. It is very easy to watch the world while big things are happening all around. But bringing that change by yourself is not easy!


In the end, no matter how much you read or study, having an app idea is a thing for yourself. The process of having an idea that nobody else has had until now is not easy. There are more than 3 million apps in the world. Breaking through the clutter is not a piece of cake, however, it is not impossible either.

All you need to do is focus on not making your app too money-oriented right at the start. Yes, in the end, that is why any business would invest in the development of an app. However, that shouldn’t be your initial thought. Make up your mind towards developing an app that provides convenience to the users. Or building an app that solves the random daily life issues of the users.

And even if not that, it is not really a necessity to make an app that solves problems. You can also create an app for the sole purpose of entertainment and fun. Because in the end, what really matters is being accepted by the users!

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