How brands can build more meaningful connections on Snapchat

Anne Freer | July 27, 2022

App Business

Snapchat just shared some new insights into how app marketers and advertisers may get more meaningful connections out of the social app. 

And the key to happiness and building stronger relationships on Snapchat is social connections. 

According to a survey of 19,000 people commissioned by the social app maker, Snapchatters scored 14 points higher for being happy when using the app compared to Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. 

This also raised neuropositivity meaning that Snapchatters are more invested in the content they view and remember the details.

Brand recognition and ad recall are big pillars in measuring the success of mobile ad campaigns and it seems Snapchatters may be a little more engaged on that front as long as the ads they view make them happy. 

Snapchat wrote:

“Compared to other apps that tend to be more entertainment focused, Snapchat is a more intentional platform. This means Snapchatters are more dialed in, more zoned in, and are more receptive to ads for a longer amount of time.”

But Snapchatters are also better at engaging with content they consider relevant. Neuroengagment scores were 62% higher than Facebook and 32% higher than TikTok. 

Brands should focus on personalised and relevant ads in the app to reach Snapchatters. 

Nearly 50% of Snapchat users want brands to build a connection with them. And that’s particularly true of Gen Z who want to be able to associate and align with a brand’s values and motivations as well. 

Brand purpose messaging is a good strategy to share the brand’s approach and why it resonates with Snapchat users. 

Marketers can then use Discover, Stories and Camera to share their content. 

However, filtered lenses with augmented reality are the ad format that Snapchat found gets users most engaged. 

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