Here’s what apps need to have in order to rank top in app stores

Anne Freer | November 13, 2020

App Business

For an app to rank in the top listings page on app stores it needs at least 12,000 reviews and should cost no more than $2.33 to remain competitive.

That’s according to research by experts at who studied 7,000 apps across 22 categories.

The team looked at factors such as reviews, average ratings, and the price users paid.

They also noticed that top ranked apps support at least 37 devices, come in seven languages and use just 116 MB in space – max.

App descriptions should be kept to a minimum of five words and ideally no more than three images.

The study also examined the correlation between the price users paid and user satisfaction. It found that productivity and music apps correlated best here.

Medical apps ranked higher in terms of the average price paid.

Finance apps had some of the lowest average ratings at 2.4. Many of them seem to be missing their targeted objectives.

Though there are undoubtedly many factors contributing to an app’s success, there are three key features apps should have to be successful: good marketing, a good user experience and excellent functionality.

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