Here’s how to optimize your TikTok campaigns

Anne Freer | December 6, 2021

App Business

TikTok just shared a set of tips and tricks to maximise ad conversions on the app.

The popular video app analyzed some of the highest converting campaigns to give advertisers and developers a glimpse of what works.

High resolution and full-screen videos resulted in significantly higher conversions (+312% and +91%) while a clear CTA and content of 21 to 34 seconds in length also performed better.

For eCommerce retailers, TikTok recommends on-screen text that clearly displays a call-to-action which drove 80% lifts in conversion.

While the combination of human voice over lifted conversions by 87%.

Meanwhile, videos with a combination of different scenes performed better (38% lift) than those with a static shot.

For gaming ads, those with five or more scenes fared better (171% lift) than those with fewer.

Videos that used on-screen text in the first 7 seconds saw a 43% lift in conversion compared to those that waited 7 seconds or longer.

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