Hannah Parvaz wins App Marketer 2019 at App Growth Awards 2019

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Posted: December 23, 2019

As much as we like talking about app marketing techniques, trends, case studies and so on, people, practitioners should always get credit as the major driving force behind. App marketers are get to crack tough app marketing challenges and make sure brands and developers do reach the audience they’re looking for and do generate revenue with their apps. Online ad software scripts don’t get to be blamed for missteps and app bad performance, well even if they do – they don’t care 🙂 But app marketers are always in a close contact with app projects teams and share both wins and fails. At 2019 App Growth Awards the 16 judge team chose the app marketer of the year.

Hannah Parvaz, Head of Growth at Curio got the award as the App Marketer 2019.

This award is given to an individual who has demonstrated outstanding best practices for marketing and growth at an app brand, startup or agency. Marketers can enter directly, and we also accept nominations of outstanding individuals from colleagues / friends /clients.

Hannah Parvaz, Head of Growth at Curio at App Growth Awards 2019

Other finalists include:

Our sincere congratulations to Hannah with the award. Keep. It. Up. 👏

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