Google will create a separate mobile index for search engine queries

Google Alphabet has made it clear that mobile advertising is a force to be reckoned with and plans to create a separate mobile index for search engine queries. In addition, it wants to keep its desktop index going. For mobile users that means they will receive up-to-date content instantly.
Google adds separate mobile index
Gary Illyes, Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google confirmed that the move would happen over the coming months. Google had previously announced that it was looking into the creation of a mobile index in 2015 at the SMX East. Now, it’s given the project the go ahead.
Traditional Google search engine rankings have been based on PageRank’s index, which scours the web for page links to extract data from desktop to determine mobile rankings. However, the mobile landscape is a different beast with fragmentations across apps and web pages. The problem has so far been overcome with the launch of a deep linking system which can search apps too.
The creation of a separate mobile index proves that mobile first has become an important issue for advertisers. Indeed, Google confirmed that mobile had been an important driver for its revenue growth over the last year. The company has been busy innovating the mobile landscape to provide an improved customer experience with faster loading pages.

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