Google stops updates to KakaoTalk app over payments row

Anne Freer | July 8, 2022

App Business

Google is halting updates to South Korea’s popular messaging app KakaoTalk over a row with using external payment links. 

Apparently, the app continues to use external payment links in Android pointing to its own website which goes against Google’s policy that requires developers to use its own payment system. 

The update came into force in June 2022 and Google previously stated that non-compliant apps would be removed from Google Play.

It’s not entirely clear whether Google will be taking similar measures among other non-compliant app markers. 

Meanwhile the Korea Communications Commission (KCC) said that app developers should not be prohibited from using weblink payment options in a direct blow to Google. 

While Google is complying with South Korean regulation to allow developers third-party payment options, they must do so alongside offering Google Play’s own billing system. 

Under the updated guidelines, developers are not allowed to add links that point to their own websites from their apps as this bypasses the Google billing system. 

The KCC continues to eye Google over any breach to its very own legal regulations. It remains to be seen what will happen in case Google does remove KakaoTalk. 

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