Google partners with CMA on new ad tracking technology

Anne Freer | June 16, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Google will be working with The UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) in an effort to prevent websites from tracking Chrome users.

According to The Guardian, Chrome will be working with the regulator closely on the Privacy Sandbox project to develop alternative tracking solutions.

It marks one of the first times that a regulator is involved this early on in the development of a new technology.

“We welcomed the opportunity to engage with a regulator with the mandate to promote competition for the benefit of consumers” Oliver Bethnell, the head of Google’s EMEA competition team, said. “We are offering a set of commitments – the result of many hours of discussions with the CMA and more generally with the broader web community – about how we’ll design and implement the Privacy Sandbox proposals and treat user data in Google’s systems in the years ahead.”

The move follows a planned investigation of the CMA into Google’s suggestions that it would track users using AI after the company banned traditional ad tracking.

To avoid investigation, Google suggested to collaborate with the CMA on the technology instead.

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