Google mobile search now recommends apps to install

Google has announced that its new App Indexing developer feature now includes apps which haven’t been installed in Android search results. Based on keywords and phrases, Android users searching on Google will now see a list of recommended applications available to download instantly from the PlayStore. Developers wishing to make use of this function will need to integrate App Indexing into their applications.
Google App Indexing integrates apps into search results on Android
The App Indexing project already includes 30 billion links, with companies such as Airbnb, Twitter, Yelp, OpenTable, Trulia and Pinterest having signed up. That clearly demonstrates the huge demand for the addition. With the growth in mobile device usage, app discovery is a big issue for developers and one that requires new and sophisticated ways to market apps directly to consumers.
Rajan Patel, a Google principal engineer, says:

“The goal is for developers to continue to create great content in apps and create deep links into that content so users who have particular questions can directly access that content.”

Ultimately, the feature aims to help developers grow app usage and drive user engagement of apps.
Index apps just like websites with Google App Indexing


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