Google launches mobile video shopping app

Anne Freer | July 20, 2020

App Business

Google’s experimental unit Area 120 has just debuted a brand new mobile video shopping platform that lets users discover, review and purchase products.

Dubbed Shoploop, the app features short videos up to 90 seconds in lengths which provide quick overviews of products and matching reviews.

Creators, publishers and online retailers can upload their product content to interact with shoppers. For now, the app appears to be heavily focused on beauty brands. But it’s early days and likely Google will expand the focus of categories soon.

Users of the app can also review the products they purchase to shoppers can make more informed decisions on the products they buy.

If a shopper likes the look of a product, they can be taken straight to a retailer’s or brand’s website to check out their items.

Shoploop also integrates a way to save products so that they may be purchased later on.

There are plenty of shopping apps around which now integrate livestreaming including Amazon Live and YouTube’s latest shoppable ad formats, but what stands out is that Shoploop promotes a more community-focused shopping experience.

Users can follow and interact more freely with creators and share videos in other apps.

Viewing content via the Shoploop app has been likened to a mix between viewing YouTube tutorials and TikTok videos. These are short-form, informative product overviews. 

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