Google introduces new App Invites feature, so users can invite friends to try out apps

Google has introduced App Invites, a new beta feature for developers who want to grow their app user base by harnessing the people already important to existing users. It’s available for Android and iOS apps, and the toolkit comprises of six primary new features, all based on using contact stored on a users phone.

  • Expanded reach. Contacts stored on an existing user’s phone or in Google can be used to send invitations by email and SMS to increase reach.
  • Ease of use. Suggestions on which users to contact will be automatically made, based on several parameters, and a preferred method of delivery will also be made.

App Invites lets users recommend apps to friends and Google contacts
app invites

  • Actionable. Each email invitation sent will have an install button included, making it easy for new users to jump right in and download the recommended app.
  • Personalization. New users can be welcomed with targeted promotions using deep links, such as a special discount offer or exclusive content.
  • Analytics. Using Google Analytics, it’s possible to measure the impact of the new App Invites system.

Google has been working with several developers on the project already, including Coinbase, UrbanSitter, and Yummly. Another beta tester, PicsArt, says its 250 million installs have almost completely been driven by word-of-mouth, making the invite system a natural extension of its strategy, pointing out that users able to proactively invite friends will help increase growth even further.
If you’d like to know more about Google’s App Invites, visit the dedicated website here.

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