Google adds new tools to boost app performance and ad tracking for developers

Anne Freer | May 26, 2021

App Marketing

Google has launched a range of new features and tools that aim to help users make sense of their app data to improve performance.

The company recently expanded the reach of its App campaigns so that developers and app marketers can reach audiences on Search, YouTube, Play, and Discover. 

Developers who are already running App campaigns on Android won’t need to do anything as the option for added desktop traffic is now automatically included.

The company has also made it easier to track in-app events from the Analytics interface more directly, without code updates.

It means that users can change event tracking without requiring the help of a developer.

What’s more, Google launched its a deep link validator and impact calculator. The tools are useful for marketers in Google Ads to view their deep links and fix those that aren’t working well.

“Deep linking brings users into specific places in your app to make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for, whether it’s buying a new product, booking a trip or jumping back into their favourite game. This helps improve your ad performance — on average, deep linked ad experiences drive two times the conversion rates,” the company wrote in a blog post.

App deep linking directs customers to the right content in an app which can boost conversions. But it’s not always clear how a user got there.

That’s where the latest tools come in because they help developers identify which specific mobile web ad clicks led to a purchase or conversion.

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