How to Get Your Apps to Top 100 in Android App Market

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Posted: March 31, 2016

Emad Malik is Business Development Manager of and has helped many App Developers get their apps noticed. With a strong business background and more than 3 years experience in the mobile app industry, he is the man to help you get clients’ apps ranked in the App Store.

There are thousands of apps being submitted every day to the Android App Market, and not all of them will make the cut. If they do, there is no guarantee that consumers will immediately hear about them. Having your app on the Android Market’s top 100 can do wonders for your app’s publicity and downloads. Besides having a quality app, how can you get your app placed in Android’s top 100?
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Start Spreading the Word
Your friends, family, and associates are the key to getting the word out about your app. Have them download the app and review it. Make sure they recommend the app to their friends and family and have them do the same.
Press Releases and Blogs
Press releases and blogs have the ability to reach consumers outside of your social and familial circle. A press release will notify the tech world that your app has premiered, and it should give them every important detail and information about your app. This will be useful for any potential customer, journalist, etc. who wants to know anything about your app.
Knowing a tech journalist or blogger is helpful, but if you don’t, reach out to tech magazines and blogs. Email the appropriate contact with information about your app and provide a link to your store page, press release, and social media site. Make sure to sell your app to this contact. Being feature on any publication will gain the notice of the Android App Market.
Social Media
Social Media is the greatest tool that a business can use. The ability to reach thousands of people in a short amount of time can boost the publicity of your app. Make informative posts about your app and provide a link to your store page and any blog or review site that features your app. Have your friends and family share your posts and links as well for maximum visibility.
Use an App Marketing Service
An app marketing service can increase your apps publicity and downloads using similar tactics as above, but on a greater scale. An example of such a service is AppSuch offers its customers ASO keyword research, positive user reviews, geo targeted installations in the hundreds and thousands, social media marketing, press releases and more.
With the combine usage of your own resources and an app marketing service, you will gain the publicity and usage needed to catch the attention of the Android App market and gain you a spot in their top 100.
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