Get $100 in free mobile ads from mMedia

James Cooper | December 31, 2012


We have a great offer available from the guys over at Millenial Media promoting their new self-service portal mMedia.  Millenial is one of the most well established mobile ad networks out there, with huge scale and a successful IPO (MM) behind it on the New York Stock Exchange.  Typically Millenial would normally work at the premium end of the market, working with the larger advertisers and publishers in the United States and Globally.  However, they have recently opened up access to their network on a self-service basis via the mMedia brand, which allows performance advertisers operating in lead generation, mobile affiliate marketing to access their inventory.  It also enables individual app developers to use the traffic to help generate awareness and installs as part of an app promotion campaign.   You can read more about mMedia on our blog post that covered their launch.
Anyway mMedia have a great new offer available where you get free ads each time you make a deposit.  This means more clicks, conversions and installs for your money and can make all the difference between a profitable campaign and one that breaks even and loses money.  The smart mobile ad buyers are always looking for a good deal for volume buys and these kinds of offers opens that up to anyway, even at a lower budget.  So use the promo codes below to get access to these great offers:

Let us know if you have any questions and head on over to mMedia today.

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