Gen Z better at recalling skippable mobile ads

Anne Freer | September 15, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Gen Z are more likely to recall adverts compared to older generations despite spending less time viewing content that could be skipped.

That’s according to a study by Snap, the maker of Snapchat.

Some 59% of Gen Z recalled skippable video ads compared to 57% of millennials and 47% of Gen X participants when Kantar tested their ad recall.

“This study proves that Gen Z audiences are far faster at processing information than we might have given them credit for,” said Andy Pang, head of international measurement & insight at Snap Inc. “This faster speed of cognitive processing means that brands who want to engage Gen Z need to tailor their video creative and focus on communicating brand and product messages as early as possible.”

Over half of Gen Z (55%) respondents who viewed skippable ads for fewer than two seconds remembered it, compared to 46% of millennials and 26% of Gen X or baby boomers.

The research also uncovered that Gen Z consumers were more likely to believe that brands allow them to express themselves.

Sixty-five percent of 13 to 24-year-olds in Australia said they used brands actively to express themselves, compared to 40% of Gen X and baby boomers.

But what makes a favourite brand still hinges on family and friend recommendations for Gen Z (60%) compared to just 52% of millennials.

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