Gen X are active mobile gamers – and other insights for mobile advertisers

Anne Freer | December 9, 2021

Mobile Advertising

Mobile games are among the favourite activities when using smartphones among Generation X with 70% playing games to unwind.

That’s according to a new report on the Modern Mobile Gamer 2021: Gen X Edition from mobile experts Tapjoy.

The report found that although Gen X started using mobile devices later than their younger counterparts, they are just as active on them with 66% spending more time on mobile devices last year.

Over half of Gen Xers now shop on their mobile devices with 61% planning to spend more this year.

The mobil ads and campaigns that perform best with Gen X include funny, succinct and rewarded ads. Nearly 40% completed rewarded ad offers with 28% doing so once or twice a week.

Home goods and beauty were the most purchased products from rewarded ads, alongside other apps and games.

“This generation has seen it all: the rise of MTV and cable TV, the tech and video game booms of the 80s, the widespread internet adoption of the 90s, and so much more,” said Lauren Baca, Senior Director of Marketing at Tapjoy.“It’s true that most didn’t use smartphones until they were in their 20s or 30s, but they’ve definitely caught up with their younger peers when it comes to mobile use. Because they’re such active mobile gamers and shoppers with secure income from established careers, they’re the ideal audience for both mobile advertisers and publishers.”

Another top mobile activity for Gen X is using social media, preferring Facebook, with 87% using it regularly. Instagram ranks second in preference (52%), followed by Twitter (23%).

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