Gaming apps have highest retention rate of 34%

Anne Freer | October 16, 2019

App Marketing

If app marketers want to grow their user base, they must understand how to engage and retain their users.

Mobile measurement company Adjust previously debuted a Mobile Growth Map, a report that offers insights on global app behaviour by growth, retention and paid versus organic performance.

Now, the company has added a retention factor which provides a measure of success of paid campaigns.

The latest report shows that Vietnam, Thailand and Brazil are among the fastest-growing market for app growth in terms of user downloads and app usage. The Growth Score essentially provides a measure of which countries are “warming to apps”.

When it comes to gaming apps, South America leads whilst growth has slowed across more developed nations such as Japan and the US.

For eCommerce apps, Mexico, Chile and Colombia saw the highest growth rates, whilst Vietnam, Russia and Thailand lead for entertainment apps.

Retention is another part of the story. eCommerce retention rates average around 19% on day 1 and then fall sharply to 7% by day 7 and 4% by the end of a month.

South America showed some of the best retention rates, with Brazilians performing more financial transactions in-app than other countries.

Entertainment app retention was up to 5% on day 30 and an average of 20% on day 1.

Gaming continues to be the best performing vertical for retention rate with 34% on day 1 and 6% on day 30. Utility apps saw the lowest retention rates averaging 8% on day 1 and 2% on the last day of the month.

Overall, retention of organic users tends to be better. But personalisation drives some success when it comes to paid traffic with Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the US seeing some of the highest amount of paid traffic.

But when should you begin to pay for installs? The answer depends on the app type.

Adjust found that entertainment apps drove a higher percentage of paid installs during the first week (75%), whilst eCommerce apps tend to launch with minimal paid activity rising to 72% in week 18. Gaming sits somewhere in the middle at around 47% over time.

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