Games, education, and entertainment apps saw massive growth in 2020

Anne Freer | April 13, 2021

App Marketing

Games were the top ranking apps in 2020 in terms of app growth and retention in part due to rapid innovation within the space and the introduction of hyper casual games.

That’s according to new findings from global app marketing platform Adjust and its latest Mobile App Growth Report produced in collaboration with Facebook.

The report notes that the gaming sector benefited from consumers looking for entertainment and more fun ways to connect with others during the pandemic.

Education apps also performed strongly, especially in markets like India where they ranked the top, followed by business and food and drink apps.

According to Adjust, it’s emerging markets like Argentina, Vietnam and Brazil that contributed more heavily to the success of gaming globally.

eCommerce also noted a huge boost last year with South Korea and Vietnam leading in terms of year-on-year growth.

With almost half of US consumers now using their smartphones to stream video and TV (47%), entertainment verticals also saw huge growth.

In terms of traffic, games hit peak in March 2020 when lockdowns were introduced in most countries. From there on it remained fairly consistent.

Meanwhile, organic traffic for eCommerce apps was up and down during lockdowns. Paid traffic declined initially but then dipped much like organic traffic. Travel apps saw some of the biggest dips in traffic, but recovered when lockdowns eased in June 2020.

Interesting, the report shed light on a few myths in the app space.

It found that companies which produce and manage more apps don’t necessarily see more growth, but cross-promotion also doesn’t hurt. Massive gaming corporations with more than 100 properties did see some higher growth scores.

When it comes to app lifetime, fintech and eCommerce apps enjoy some of the highest rate, remaining active even 24 months after launch, while gaming drops off rather quickly.

For app marketers, the report reveals a couple of important points:

  1. Focus on markets in which user bases are growing.
  2. Keep on top of paid advertising. Installs spiked after paid ads during the pandemic.
  3. Cross-promotion within the app portfolio is a good strategy.
  4. eCommerce and finance apps are in for the long-haul.

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