Gamers want rewarded ads that are relevant to them

Anne Freer | September 14, 2020

App Business

Almost half (49%) of American mobile users are playing games on their phones once or multiple times a day. That’s according to brand new research published by mobile advertising platform AdColony.

The latest study found that mobile gaming skyrocketed in times of COVID-19 with an increase of 62% in time spent playing games in-app.

The uptick presents unique opportunities for marketers to advertise in-app.

“As media plans are being adjusted to account for the massive increase in digital media consumption this year, a deeper understanding of the users and interests of mobile gamers is critical,” said Ted Bouzakis, EVP of Research & Insights, DISQO.

“82% of people overall say they would like to see relevant ads while only 54% claim brands are delivering on that desire. Meeting consumers’ needs starts by listening to them through great research. With this new study, DISQO and AdColony are empowering brands to understand mobile gamers so they can deliver ads that are relevant to this diverse and rapidly growing community.”

The vast majority of respondents (9 out of 10) said they would watch in-app ads in exchange for rewards.

Overall, more women than men are choosing such perks (92% vs 86%) and just under 10% of consumers across all ages prefer to pay for app perks rather an watching a rewarded ad to get the same perk.

In-game currency, bonuses, and extra lives are among their favourite rewards.

The study also provides some unique insights into demographics of gamers. For example, 53% of consumers aged 35 to 54 years played games daily. Around half of them were women.

Although 65% of consumers with incomes above $250,000 play mobile games once or multiple times daily, just 29% said they identified as gamers.

Meanwhile, 7 out of 10 mobile users tend to multitask while playing games by watching TV (60%), listening to music (46%) or cooking or eating (38%).

Top games included puzzles and word games, while strategy and role-playing games are favored among those with higher degrees.

“We are well past the days of buyers thinking that a mobile gamer falls into the legacy stereotype of a video gamer. The data tells a refreshed story about age and gender and is further confirmation that gaming is universal,” said Matt Barash, SVP Strategy and Business Development, AdColony.

“What’s most interesting is how we can now substantiate that audiences with high levels of household income and education levels gravitate toward this channel, and highlight the types of games that people from all walks of life are playing. These insights are what advertisers need to feel confident they will reach their target customers within mobile gaming as a distinct channel.”

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