GameRefinery upgrades mobile gaming motivator tool and shares insights

Anne Freer | October 6, 2020

App Business

GameRefinery, the mobile gaming market expert, only recently unveiled a new tool to provide added insights on mobile gamers for developers.

The ‘Player Motivations and Archetypes’ feature provides motivational insights on game features and sub-genres for publishers and developers.

It’s based on interviews with more than 10,000 gamers across different countries.

Now, the feature has been given a big update to offer market-level analysis of players on the US App Store.

This means that entire genres and demographics can be looked at to spot trends in the mobile gaming market.

Among some of these trends, GameRefinery uncovered that games with 80% or more women appealed to motivators such as escapism, expression and mastery (e.g. Farm Saga Heroes, Hollywood U: Rising Stars, etc.).

Meanwhile, those appealing to mostly men did better if they included social and competitive features, excitement or thrill (e.g. Gods and Glory: War of Thrones, Strike of Nations: Army Battle, etc.).

Players that are 44 years or older gravitate towards casino games and are motivated by collecting treasure.

Meanwhile, younger generations are motivated by escapism, mastery and social features (e.g. HayDay, CyberHunter, Transformers: Earth Wars, etc.).

“Knowing what features, motivations and drivers are behind the success, or failure, of different games across markets, will equip game publishers with new vital information during game-development stages,”  said Markus Råmark, Co-Founder and CEO at GameRefinery. “Expanding our motivations feature to cover market-level insights, as well as game features and genres, was the next logical step in terms of evolving our data set.”

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