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Posted: February 24, 2020

How to test mobile offers and smart links?” is a question that everyone in the digital marketing industry asks himself, sooner or later. Running CPC, CPI or CPA campaigns without knowing if the chain of links is working can generate a huge loss of traffic, money and time.

To solve this huge problem, MyAppFree developed a tool to test mobile offer links. Tracey is a Skype bot that in few seconds can tell you if an offer is dead or not, showing the entire redirect chain.

The advantages of using Tracey are many, you can:

  • Test mobile offer links conveniently on Skype
  • Share the results with your team in a click
  • Discover new business partners from the redirect loop
  • Find new working offers with higher payouts

The big news is that Tracey from today is free and unlimited for everyone!

“You asked for this, we made it: we are proud to release the whole power of Tracey to old partners and new ones”, announced Riccardo Fuzzi, MyAppFree CEO. “You can check all the offers you want, every day for multiple times.”, he added.

Tracey is the only Skype bot that lets ad networks and media buyers test their links worldwide in an easy and convenient way. Open a conversation with Tracey, send a link to test, specify the platform (Android, iOS) and the destination country.

Learn more about Tracey at or add it directly to Skype through the button below.

Add Tracey to Skype

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