Fitness app downloads rise 30% in 2020

Anne Freer | March 30, 2021

App Business

Downloads of fitness and health apps rose 30% in 2020 due to increasing demand from consumers stuck at home with no other means to workout.

That’s according to new insights from mobile data and analytics leader App Annie, shared via email.

While a growing number of consumers are working from home, they’ve also been looking for more interactive and engaging ways to stay healthy.

Apps such as Strava and Nike have seen downloads sky-rocket last year.

The Peloton app saw downloads jump 190% between 2019 and 2020 because of its focus on more innovative ways to work out. Peloton pairs a stationary exercise bike with app-based fitness classes.

Strava downloads jumped 115% worldwide. They were highest in the UK at 180%, followed by Brazil at 95% and the US at 80%.

Strava doesn’t just provide tracking features, it also offers a leaderboard and lets users connect to others.

Strave ranked second among the top fitness tracking apps in 2020.

“Engaging in sport takes commitment, spirit and most importantly – motivation, and nothing is more motivating than like-minded peers sharing and measuring activities together,” writes Gareth Nettleton, VP Marketing, Strava.

“The twin powers of sport and community, which are at the heart of Strava, came to the fore in 2020 as people prioritised their physical and mental health by staying active and sought out authentic connections to others in a socially distanced world. Strava is today the single largest sports participation platform in the world with over 80 million athletes in 195 countries.”

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