Federico Carricondo, Executive Director, Lat Am at Avazu Talks Mobile Advertising

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Partner Post - Avazu - A Global Mobile Ad Display Company

Posted: February 2, 2016

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Federico has been working in the digital industry for about 10 years. He started working as a media buyer at Fox networks and had the pleasure of working at big companies such as Harren media, where he was in charge of the media department. Federico has been in the mobile industry since 2012 working as director of business development for companies like Logan Media, Harren and Rekket Digital Hub.

Why did you decide to join Avazu and what is your new role going to be focused on?
I wanted to join a global mobile advertising corporation with a strong commercial expansion strategy. Avazu approached me through mutual partners and I had a good feeling with them from day 1, next to that Avazu’s proprietary technologies enables us to penetrate any geo or vertical extremely fast. My new role is to expand the reach that Avazu has in Latam. We are doing great business in the region but there’s still so much to be done and improve, that’s my main focus as director of Latin America, and of course establishing and managing the local teams and offices.
What does Avazu bring to the Lat Am mobile market ?
I think the affiliate side of business is not something that many companies have focused on and I think we bring all the experience we have in that matter to a region that has been growing non stop over the past few years. Also our mobile dsp and our app /games development studios are the right tools for many clients in Latam
What types of clients are you looking to work with?
Our Latam team will be looking to partner with Brands, Media Agencies and performance advertisers/affiliates, looking to take advantage of our various technologies.
What do you think the big trends are going to be in the mobile ad market in 2016?
Many brands are going to increase their mobile budgets this year. Everybody is spending more time on their phones than any other media these days and Latam brands are noticing this and keep on investing more into mobile. Mobile content will stay vbig in Latam the coming years and of course the native trend will keep growing, Avazu is ready for this our native solution aNative is servicing many clients across the globe since the launch 9 months ago. And following the US we see that mobile pay per call will keep on developing.
What do you like about working in mobile ads and what don’t you like?
I’ve always liked to work with people from all over the world and how dynamic this industry is, what I don’t like is having to explain to my family is what I do for a living every year hahah.
What mobile devices do you use?
iPhone 6, iPad
What are your favourite apps?
Uber, Skype, whatsapp
You can visit the Avazu website here.

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