Facebook to launch its own in-app podcast player

Anne Freer | April 29, 2021

App Business

Facebook has confirmed plans to build its own in-app podcast player. The addition will allow users to share their podcast shows through the Facebook page.

Although full details have yet to be unveiled, it’s believed that the tool could be working via RSS.

While the network’s collaboration with Spotify focuses primarily on music, the new player would center on podcasts. That’s not to say, Facebook users who listen to Spotify from their news feed can’t also listen to Spotify podcasts.

What makes the development potentially stand out is that any creator could start and upload their own show.

It comes in light of the huge success of audio apps like Clubhouse which boosted installs significantly in 2020 and early 2021.

Around 170 million people already connect to podcast pages and some 35 million are fans of shows.

It also gives Facebook some additional ad targeting leverage because the network will be able to tap into users’ favourite shows and thereby their interests.

The new podcast platform is expected to launch within the next few months.

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