Facebook shortens ad attribution window from 28 to 7 days

Facebook advertisers will soon be unable to track campaign actions over a longer period of time as the company has removed its 28-day attribution window.

Advertisers have been able to measure specific campaign responses such as purchase conversions.

Traditionally, their dashboard would then show the purchases attributed to Facebook ad clicks over the past 28 days.

The feature gives advertisers specific insights into their campaign success and attribute ads to impact.

But because of digital privacy initiatives, Facebook is having to change the rules.

According to Search Engine Journal, the social network has been telling advertisers that “among those limitations is the ability for businesses to attribute conversion events back to an ad over longer attribution windows.”

Attribution is being changed from 28 days to seven days in response to these changes.

The changes will take effect from October 12th and are likely to impact large-scale marketers more than others.

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