Facebook reveals top sources of news feed views

Anne Freer | August 20, 2021

App Business

Facebook just published the results of a new report that shows where content on the news feed actually comes from.

It hopes to silence some of its critics who argue that the social media network is pushing divisive content.

The majority of posts (57%) that people tend to view on their news feed are posts from friends and family and groups which they’ve joined (19.3%).

That doesn’t necessarily mean these posts get the highest engagement.

Fewer than 13% of content views were posts with links and news content was only viewed at 0.31%.

The majority of content (87%) of content viewed on the news feed did not contain any link to outside sources.

The most popular links on Facebook were those from authoritative sources and small businesses. A quarter of domains were news publishers and the remainder were made up of video streaming services, eCommerce sites and non-news websites.

The top 20 domains which includes YouTube and Amazon accounted for just 1.9% of news feed content views in the US during Q2 2021.

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