Facebook-owned apps saw nearly 2 billion downloads in 2020

Anne Freer | September 14, 2021

App Business

While many studies looking at app downloads during the COVID year 2020 hailed TikTok as the winner, research by app development experts Bacancy Technology shows that Facebook-owned apps received significantly more downloads combined.

Overall, TikTok was downloaded a total of 850 million times last year which was 250 million more downloads compared to WhatsApp, the second most downloaded app in 2020.

Facebook was the third most downloaded app at 540 million, followed by Instagram (503 million). Messenger attracted 404 million last year.

Combined, Facebook-owned apps brought in over two billion downloads combined.

Taking a closer look at the countries with the highest app users, the US ranked top for TikTok with 66 million users, while 390 million consumers were using WhatsApp and 320 million used Facebook.

TikTok had the highest penetration in the Netherlands with 22% of the population using the app, followed by the US (19%) and Norway (18%).

“Lockdown restrictions and the ‘stay at home’ mantra of 2020 caused many of us to turn to the internet and various apps for entertainment and to indulge in some level of human interaction. TikTok’s seemingly endless library of entertainment has clearly captured the attention of millions of people, while the staple social media apps continue to be an integral part of our daily lives,” a spokesperson for Bacancy revealed.

Seven out of 10 Spanish citizens use WhatsApp and three quarters in the Philippines actively use Facebook, trumping America (57%) and the UK (55%).

Downloads also translated to high revenues for TikTok generating $540 million in 2020.

Tinder followed in second place with $513 million in revenues, followed by YouTube at $478 million.

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