Facebook offers optimized conversions for shops

Anne Freer | September 10, 2021

App Business

Advertisers on Facebook will now be able to direct 10% of their traffic to their Instagram and Facebook shops as the social media giant continues to diversify and expand its eCommerce offerings.

Retail advertisers and brands have recently noticed a prompt that gives them the option to direct some of their campaign responses to their in-app stores rather than a third-party link.

The big news though is that Facebook would cover the cost of impressions directing traffic to shops for those who opt in.

This would also allow the social network to optimise traffic direction and ensure that it’s driving audiences to the location where they’re most likely to convert.

At the same time, it may help the network to optimise future adverts too by learning more about shopping behaviours in response to ad redirects.

By optimising performance of ads across Facebook and Instagram shops, retailers would be more likely to expand their shop presence across the apps.

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