Facebook launches new tools for brands and retailers

Anne Freer | September 22, 2021

App Business

Facebook launched a range of new tools for businesses to connect with prospective customers more effectively.

The update includes new personalised messaging and an improved business directory, as well as management options for reach and business activity.

The social media giant said the measures were part of a wider drive to allow brands and retailers to bring more personalised experiences to their customers.

With 75% of consumers looking to communicate with businesses via messaging tools, Facebook has added an option for businesses to choose which platform they wish to use for communications – be it WhatsApp, Messenger or Instagram.

That means a customer could launch a WhatsApp chat from an Instagram brand profile page to get their questions answered.

To add a WhatsApp click-to-chat button to an Instagram profile couldn’t be easier. It can also be added to adverts in-app.

Facebook also said that it was testing quote requests that would allow consumers to request a quote for a product or service via Messenger.

At the same time, it’s testing paid and organic tools to help small businesses find and qualify leads within Instagram. Advertisers can use lead generation ads to lower costs per lead by up to 72%.

File Manager is a new feature that lets businesses create, manage and post content within Facebook Business Suite.

“We will soon begin testing a new way for businesses to become more successful with the help of Facebook. For example, we will start to allow some small businesses to access a bundle that will include valuable tools and benefits, such as a Facebook ad coupon, along with free access to QuickBooks accounting software for three months or free access to creative tool Canva Pro for three months.” Facebook wrote in the blog post.

Lastly, the social network said it would be incorporating more content from creators and local businesses in the future.

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