Facebook is top ad network choice for rewarded video ads

Anne Freer | June 27, 2019

Mobile Advertising

Facebook leads when it comes to first impressions on rewarded videos, according to the latest Monetization Benchmark report from Soomla.

Based on an analysis of more than 100 million users across eight countries viewing 2.1 billion impressions from four million advertisers, the report highlights the social network’s dominance when it comes to first share and overall impression share of rewarded video.

For video and interstitial formats, Facebook was the strongest ad network for non-US users at first share, whilst Admob led the average overall share.

When it comes to rewarded video, the social network also had the highest eCPMs for first and overall US impressions.

Facebook was also found to provide a good amount of impression at an attractive eCPM, whilst Vungle and Applovin ranked second and third.

Overall, Soomla noted that rewarded videos provided the most attractive eCPMs for publishers with the trend still rising.

Other key takeaways from the study included a continued focus on first impressions which is being led by advertisers and monetisation providers. Meanwhile, impressions from China saw a 86% growth in first impression eCPM during Q1 2019 highlighting a potentially interesting trend.

For advertisers still favouring interstitials, Admob and Applovin lead the field in terms of eCPMs. However, advertisers are advised to opt for rewarded video when given the choice between display interstitials and video as these offer stronger returns.

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