Facebook, Instagram and TikTok know all about you

Anne Freer | June 15, 2021

App Business

It’s no secret that major app publishers are continuously collecting the data of their users, for one, to improve their app services, but also to bolster tracking by advertisers.

Now, new research from privacy software company Clario found that Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are among the worst offenders when it comes to collecting and tracking user data.

All three apps collected face recognition and environment recognition data, product and voice data, contacts, access to user image libraries and languages.

Facebook and Instagram are using facial recognition to let users know when they come up in photos and videos by others without being tagged.

Twitter and Tinder ranked fourth and fifth, respectively.

“It’s no secret that companies trade in their users’ data. We’re all guilty of accepting the terms and conditions without perhaps reading them as closely as we should,” said Alex Maklakov, CIO at Clario cyber security. “But we want everyone to know what information apps are taking from and storing on their customers, so that people can feel in control online.”

Facebook stores a total of almost 80% of data the company is legally allowed to collect and most of it is used for ad targeting.

Instagram collects almost 70% of data that also includes hobbies, weight, height and sexual orientation.

TikTok tracks approximately 46% of data and knows your name, age, mobile number and hobbies.

By comparison Amazon only collects around 23% of user data.

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