Facebook Gaming reports 50% jump in UK mobile gamers

Anne Freer | January 11, 2021

App Business

Facebook Gaming, the dedicated mobile and digital gaming platform by the social media network, found that there were 8.6 million new gamers since the start of the pandemic in the UK alone.

According to a report from Facebook, the addressable mobile gaming audience rose 50% during the last year while US audiences grew 28% by 28 million and its South Korean user BASE jumped 34%. Meanwhile, 25% more German mobile gamers joined the site.

This doesn’t mean all mobile gamers are playing on Facebook, but instead they’re using any mobile platform.

Globally, Facebook Gaming hours surpassed one billion in Q3 2020 for the first time.

The most popular games among new UK gamers were Puzzle genres (33%), Shooter games (12%), Simulation (9%), Sports (8%), and Strategy (7%).

But Puzzles also remained a favorite among existing players (41%).

The top reasons for playing mobile games included stress relief (62%), passing the time (55%), feeling accomplishment (51%), competition (38%) and immersing themselves in a world (38%).

New players were also found to spend more time playing mobile games than existing gamers across all four markets measured at an average 13.8 hours per week compared to 11.1 hours for existing gamers.

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