Facebook Audience Network to modify auction model to bidding-only

Anne Freer | October 22, 2020

Mobile Advertising

Facebook said that its Audience Network will go bidding-only by the second quarter of 2021 due to the upcoming changes introduced with iOS 14.

That means waterfall-based ad buying won’t be supported by the beginning of next year.

The plans aren’t exactly new, but they’re being accelerated as Apple has made sweeping changes to its iOS 14 that will make it harder for advertisers to manage performance based on CPMs.

Facebook hopes that by moving to a unified auction model, publishers can get the best price for impressions.

The details of how the social network will determine high-value from low-value users aren’t exactly clear.

Facebook shared internal data earlier this year to show that the number of publishers going through a unified auction rose sevenfold.

CPMs may go down as a consequence and variance in pricing is to be expected.

Things are even less clear on Android where Facebook has no timelines or plans to move away from waterfall-based buying. But the network does recommend that advertisers migrated to bidding either way.

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