Facebook and co adopt hate speech advertising framework

Anne Freer | September 24, 2020

App Business

Social media platforms Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have come to an agreement with the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) to adopt a set of common definitions for hate speech and harmful content.

The efforts have been led by the industry’s Global Alliance for Responsible Media which has been working towards a more unified definition and reporting framework.

The idea is that advertising across the social networks could be homogenised in this manner and improved for brand reputation and safer placements.

“The issue of harmful content online has become one of the challenges of our generation,” acknowledged Stephan Loerke, WFA CEO. “As funders of the online ecosystem, advertisers have a critical role to play in driving positive change and we are pleased to have reached agreement with the platforms on an action plan and timeline in order to make the necessary improvements. A safer social media environment will provide huge benefits not just for advertisers and society but also to the platforms themselves.”

The initiative is being supported by trade bodies including ANA, ISBA, and the 4As and aims to encourage members to adopt ad adjacency criteria.

“We are delighted that GARM has made such significant progress in such a short period of time,” said Raja Rajamannar, WFA President and CMO at Mastercard. “I know these discussions have not been easy but these solutions when implemented, will offer more choice and control for advertisers and their agencies by supporting content that aligns with their values.”

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