Facebook adds Vanish mode to Messenger and Instagram

Anne Freer | November 16, 2020

App Business

Facebook said it would add a mode to Messenger and Instagram that allows users to send messages which promptly disappear.

Vanish mode can be used to send messages that users prefer to disappear after they’ve been seen.

To turn it on, users simply swipe up in a thread on their mobile devices. When they swipe a second time, they will return to the regular chat.

In Messenger, users can send GIFs, stickers and members.

These messages can only be shared between you and your connections and you will need to opt-in in order to activate Vanish mode.

What’s more Messenger will notify you if someone takes a screenshot of a message you sent. This means you can block them if you’re not feeling safe.

Vanish mode could change the way marketers communicate with customers as it allows users to speak to others more privately.

It could also increase the pressure on Snapchat as Facebook copies yet another of its popular features.

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