Facebook adds search to Messenger emojis and Soundmojis

Anne Freer | July 23, 2021

App Business

People send over 2.4 billion messages with emojis on Messenger every day. That’s why Facebook has updated its Messenger platform so that users can more easy find the exact emoji they’re looking for when reacting to friends’ messages.

Among other things, Facebook installed a search bar to look for specific emoji reactions.

The company recently launched Soundmojis which are essentially emojis with sound.

Users can add them by clicking on a smiley face icon in the chat box and selecting the loudspeaker icon.

They will be able to click on the 30 standard emojis to hear them make a sound.

But what’s special is perhaps that the sounds aren’t necessarily standard spoke versions of the emoji but instead include quotes from TV series Brooklyn 99 or Bridgerton.

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