Expand Your Advertising Reach With TrafficBoost

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Partner Post - Propeller Ads - Expand your reach & save costs!

Posted: December 6, 2016

This post originally appeared on the PropellerAd’s blog.
Have you ever experienced a challenge of finding new audiences for your ad campaigns? With this new feature TrafficBoost introduced in Self-Serve Platform for Advertisers you have an opportunity to expand reach with just one click. How? Let’s take a closer look!

What is TrafficBoost?

A new feature available at Advertiser Account that provides access to new traffic sources from PropellerAds partners.

Benefits of TrafficBoost


How do you benefit from TrafficBoost?

For advertisers using Self-Serve Platform, TrafficBoost allows to:

  • get more users even if they don’t visit sites at PropellerAds network, so you won’t have to launch campaigns in other ad networks to get new audiences. Embrace the whole world from one spot!
  • save costs as minimum CPM bid decreases to $0.30 for all GEO locations and targetings. As TrafficBoost is disabled by default, without activating it minimum CPM rate stays standard.
  • use the same optimization strategy as for usual CPM campaigns (exclude / include zones).

How it works?

For Self-Serve Platform users it takes just one click to start using benefits of the new feature!  Log in to your Advertiser Account and activate “TrafficBoost” in Campaign settings:

How to activate TrafficBoost

Enable Traffic Boost
Also, TrafficBoost can be activated for existing campaigns as well so don’t miss the chance to get new traffic sources for the campaigns already running. Don’t forget – for campaigns with enabled TrafficBoost minimum CPM bid is only $0.3 for all GEOs and platforms.
For more information about PropellerAds, check out their official site here.