Exclusive Offer from Waypedia Guarantees Ranking Increase for your App

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Partner Post - Waypedia - Get your Exclusive Offer

Posted: February 15, 2016

As part of the new year promotion Waypepdia.com will be offering to all Mobyaffiliates.com users 2 special deals:

  1. Mobyaffiliates Worldwide deal: 10k worldwide installs at $700 (compared at $1200) for 30-45 days period of time (maximum per day available).
  2. Mobyaffiliates USA deal: 10k USA installs at $2900 (compared at $4500) for 2-3 days period of time (maximum per day available).

The ranking increase is guaranteed for both plans. To learn more how to take advantage of this, just name “mobyaffiliate deal” on waypedia.com live chat support so the team can help you set up your first campaign!

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